India's coronavirus lockdown will proceed until in any event May 31, the Ministry of Home Affairs said Sunday. Prior Sunday, the nation detailed its greatest flood in diseases with a record 4,987 cases revealed in the previous 24 hours. Under new rules gave by the Ministry of Home Affairs, more force is being given to states and association domains to settle on choices in the fourth period of India's lockdown. The development of traveler vehicles and transports around the nation will be permitted in non-regulation zones, with the shared assent of states and association domains. There will likewise be red, green and orange control zones chose by particular state and association domain governments, in light of parameters shared by the India's Health Ministry. Locale specialists will attract regulation and support territories the red and orange zones and just basic exercises will be permitted in those control zones. There will be concentrated contact following and house-to-house observation. The new rules gave by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday additionally urge individuals to telecommute. Some specific situation: According to the Ministry's past request, the development of people will remain carefully denied between 7 p.m. also, 7 a.m., with the exception of fundamental exercises. Schools and universities will stay shut, with on the web and separation figuring out how to be energized. Both household and universal air travel for travelers is restricted, aside from when allowed by the Health Ministry. Metro rail administrations won't be permitted and film lobbies, shopping centers and recreation centers will stay shut. All social, political, brandishing, strict and social capacities and get-togethers stay precluded in India. India has honey bee under an across the country lockdown since late March.

India extends its lockdown until the end of May

India has now recognized and recorded a bigger number of instances of the novel coronavirus than terrain China, where the worldwide pandemic started. India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare detailed Saturday that it had recognized 85,940 individuals who tried positive for the infection. It came after China's National Health Commission prior revealed that it had 82,941 cases since the flare-up started. The two nations are in altogether different phases of the flare-up. India is still under lockdown and general wellbeing specialists there are recognizing many patients daily, while China seems to have straightened the bend. Chinese specialists are just account a bunch of new cases a day all through the nation.

India has now recorded more coronavirus cases than mainland China

Rail benefits in India somewhat continued on Tuesday regardless of a continuous across the nation lockdown. Thirty uncommon trains were working today as per government direction, as per the Ministry of Railways. All travelers will be screened, and just asymptomatic travelers will be permitted on the trains, as per the Home Ministry. Travelers should likewise wear face covers during the excursion, and ought to keep up social removing. The incomplete rail reviving incorporates urban communities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that the train administrations were "expected to fire up the financial action," however just a predetermined number of courses would be operational. Indian railroads halted traveler benefits without precedent for a long time on March 24 after an across the country lockdown was declared. The lockdown will proceed through at any rate May 17.

India partially resumes rail services despite rise in coronavirus cases

The Indian government has expanded its across the nation lockdown by two additional weeks until May 17, however has given exceptions for specific regions and exercises, as indicated by Ministry of Home Affairs. The present measures were set to lapse on May 3. Most travel via air, rail, metro and between state development by street will keep on being precluded and all schools and universities will stay shut alongside theaters, shopping centers and places of love. The Ministry of Home Affairs will permit development of individuals via air, rail and street just for select purposes. In the course of the most recent couple of days, the administration has organized transportation for abandoned transient laborers, understudies and voyagers to make a trip back to their homes. The legislature has facilitated most limitations in zones the administration calls "green zones," which have not announced new instances of Covid-19 in the past 3 weeks. The order of specific areas into red or orange zones will be assessed each week. In orange zones, restricted development of people and vehicles will be permitted. In red zones, where most exercises have been confined for as far back as about a month and a half, will keep on being so. Over all zones, mechanical exercises associated with the assembling of fundamental products —, for example, pharmaceuticals, clinical gadgets, development exercises, independent shops and rural exercises — are allowed. In red zones, internet business firms can proceed with flexibly of just basic products. The request likewise forbids development of people for unnecessary administrations from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. nearby time during the length of the lockdown. Nearby specialists have been solicited to give bans on social occasions from multiple individuals.

India extends nationwide lockdown for 2 weeks, with some exemptions

India's Ministry of Home Affairs says a few stores will be permitted to revive, in spite of the across the country lockdown. Since the limitations started in late March, just fundamental item stores have had the option to open each day. Be that as it may, in a request late Friday, the service permitted organizations in some market edifices to open - regardless of whether they are selling products not esteemed fundamental. Stores should work with a large portion of their standard staff, and should guarantee they wear covers and cling to social separating rules, the request said. The casual standards don't have any significant bearing to stores in control zones. The all out number of revealed cases in India remains at 24,447, including 780 passings, as indicated by a count by Johns Hopkins University. India's lockdown will stay set up until May 3.

A few stores will be permitted to revive in India in spite of nation's lockdown

The legislature of India's most populated state, Uttar Pradesh, has reported a restriction on social occasions until June 30. It is the main state to have given a restriction on social occasions past the finish of the across the nation lockdown, which is May 3. Its Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave exacting guidelines to authorities about the all-inclusive get-together boycott, as per a tweet by state media consultant Mrityunjay Kumar. The choice has been taken to battle the spread of coronavirus, he included. The nation entered an across the nation lockdown on March 25, which was additionally stretched out to May 3. The Indian government has bit by bit loosened up a portion of the limitations, permitting crop gathering and for certain shops to open. Uttar Pradesh has recorded 1621 positive cases, including 25 passings, as indicated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

India's most populous state bans gatherings until end of June

Doors Foundation co-seat Bill Gates on Wednesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi complimenting him for his authority in managing the coronavirus pandemic in India. In a letter to PM Modi, the Microsoft fellow benefactor valued the proactive estimates taken by PM Modi and his legislature to smooth the bend of the Covid-19 rate in India. Entryways said that estimates, for example, receiving a national lockdown, growing centered testing to distinguish hotspots for seclusion, isolating, and essentially expanding wellbeing uses to fortify the wellbeing framework reaction and advance R&D and computerized development were honorable. "We commend your leadership and the proactive measures you and your government have taken to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 infection rate in India, such as adopting a national lockdown, expanding focused testing to identify hot spots for isolation, quarantining, and care, and significantly increasing health expenditures to strengthen the health system response and promote R&D and digital innovation," wrote Gates. "I’m glad your government is fully utilizing its exceptional digital capabilities in its COVID-19 response and has launched the Aarogya Setu digital app for coronavirus tracking, contact tracing, and to connect people to health services. Grateful to see that you’re seeking to balance public health imperatives with the need to ensure adequate social protection for all Indians," Gates further wrote.

'Commend your leadership': Bill Gates lauds Modi govt's efforts to flatten Covid curve

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri have offered their four-storied personal office space to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), to be utilised as quarantine facility for women, children and the elderly. This comes at a time when the nation along with the rest of the world is battling the deadly COVID 19 pandemic. Thanking the Bollywood superstar and his wife for their act of generosity, BMC shared on social media: "#StrongerTogether We thank @iamsrk @gaurikhan for offering their 4-storey personal office space to help expand our Quarantine capacity equipped with essentials for quarantined children, women & elderly. Indeed a thoughtful & timely gesture! #AnythingForMumbai #NaToCorona."

Shah Rukh Khan Gives Four-Storied Office Space For BMC Quarantine Facility

These organizations consider India to be an other assembling center point and have taken up their recommendations across different degrees of the legislature, including focal government offices, Indian missions abroad and state industry divisions. In the midst of odds of China potentially losing its tag of favored assembling center point following coronavirus, around 1,000 remote organizations are occupied with conversations at different levels with the Indian specialists. At any rate 300 of these organizations are effectively seeking after creation designs in divisions, for example, mobiles, hardware, clinical gadgets, materials and engineered texture, as indicated by top government sources. These organizations consider India to be an other assembling center point and have taken up their proposition across different degrees of the legislature, including focal government divisions, Indian missions abroad and state industry offices. "Around 1,000-odd organizations are presently occupied with conversation at different levels, for example, venture advancement cell, focal government offices and state governments. Out of these organizations, we are focusing on 300-odd organizations," the authority said. "We are confident that once coronavirus is in charge, a great deal of things will fructify into genuine migration. What's more, India will develop as an other assembling goal. Numerous nations like Japan, US and South Korea are over-reliant on China and that is currently exceptionally evident," he included.

At Wipro, 93% of its billable representatives have gotten customer endorsements to convey administrations from home. "There are particular kinds of basic work, for example, testing in our labs for 5G as a component of our building administrations, which isn't possible from home. At that point there are sure HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) protection necessities in the BPO business in light of which clients may not offer endorsements to telecommute," Abidali Neemuchwala, CEO and overseeing chief, Wipro told Mint as of late. IT organizations situated in Bengaluru, for example, Infosys Ltd, Mindtree Ltd and Dell Technologies had requested that their representatives telecommute even before the principal lockdown, after certain workers tried positive for covid-19. This is required to proceed for some time. Open vehicle stays suspended. Mumbai, which has more than 176 regulation zones, is inflexibly watching the lockdown. So is Bengaluru, an IT center point, which has clipped down on bike development, with just basic specialist organizations with licenses being permitted. Mumbai-based TCS said during its Q4 profit in April that it is in no rush to bring individuals back and is taking a gander at 25% participation sooner rather than later. Bengaluru-put together biotechnology major Biocon said with respect to 27 March it has "altogether decreased the quantity of individuals in our offices to just the individuals who are required to do assembling and quality tasks dependent on arranged creation plans. Every single other representative are either remaining back or are working remotely from home".

IT firms in no rush to stop remote working

aking cognisance of reports of flawed fast test packs, the Indian Council of Medical Research on Tuesday approached states not to utilize them for the following two days, saying it will give a reasonable warning after their groups do tests and approval of these gear. The ICMR statedment came soon after the Rajasthan government chose to stop the utilization of quick packs after they indicated incorrect outcomes. At the every day press preparation on the coronavirus circumstance in the nation, ICMR's Dr Raman R Gangakhedkar was gotten some information about the broken quick testing packs. "We have gotten grumblings from a state yesterday thus far talked about it with three states. We have discovered that there has been a lot of variety in the consequences of fast test units and RT-PCR packs. This is certainly not something to be thankful for, this variety must be researched. He at that point expressed that throughout the following two days the varieties will be examined and till at that point, exhorted states not to utilize them. "In the following 2 days, we will send our eight establishments for field work and we will test the packs and approve them. Approval will occur on field and not in labs. We prompt all states not to utilize these packs for the following two days. We will give an obvious warning in two days. On the off chance that there is an issue in the bunch, we will request that the organizations supplant them," Dr Gangakhedkar said. In the mean time, all out 4,49,810 examples have been tried till Tuesday, Dr Gangakhedkar said. A sum of 35,852 examples were tried on Monday, April 20. Out of the examples tried on Monday, 29,776 examples were tried in 201 labs under the ICMR arrange, and 6,076 were tried at 86 private research facilities. Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry, Lav Agrawal, told the media that an aggregate of 18,601 positive cases have been accounted for the nation over till date, out of which 1,336 new cases were accounted for on Monday. He likewise included that India recorded the most noteworthy number of recuperations in a single day up until now, as 705 individuals recouped on Monday. An aggregate of 3,252 individuals have been restored till now taking India's recuperation rate to 17.48.

ICMR asks states not to use rapid testing kits for two days

Delhi has the second most number of active cases (1,551), closely followed by Madhya Pradesh (1,186). At 1,072 active cases, Tamil Nadu has the fourth-highest number of active cases, followed by Rajasthan (956). The top five states together account for 64 percent of the active cases nationally, and the top ten states account for 90 percent of all cases. Nationally, the active case count was 11,616 as of yesterday evening. These are early days yet and the state-wise distribution could change in the coming days. Testing across states has been uneven and as testing gets ramped up, more cases could come to light in states where reported cases have been low so far.

Corona virus Testing rate in India

Coronavirus: 80% cases asymptomatic, but no need to revise testing criteria, says ICMR (File | PTI) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday said that 80 per cent Covid-19 cases remain asymptomatic. "If 100 people have been infected by novel coronavirus, 80 of them will not exhibit any symptoms or mild symptoms of the disease."

Kerala, which wrote about January 30 the first Covid-19 positive case in the nation and was one of the states with the most elevated number of positive cases at first, appears to have leveled the bend with less contaminated patients against the quantity of patients recouped. While many have praised the state government for its brief and powerful administration of the pandemic, resistance groups, drove by the Congress, are crying mess in light of the fact that the state tied up with US-based Sprinklr, a resident and client experience the board (CXM) firm, to examine and deal with the Covid-19 information without as far as anyone knows following the convention, bargaining the protection of the residents. The state government discredited the charges, expressing that the organization, which offers its support of the World Health Organization, is controlled by an individual from Kerala, its Software as a Service (SaaS) device is offered free, and the information is put away in focuses inside the nation. The United Democratic Front (UDF), drove by the Congress, as indicated by nearby reports, is taking a gander at raising the issue, with the decisions to the gathering booked for one year from now.

Pandemic achievement turns dubious in Kerala over a data deal

Picture speaks more , awareness of corona by an artist in his style.

Awareness of corona in a different style Awareness of corona in a different style Awareness of corona in a different style

Shah Rukh Khan's trademark secretive mind was staying at work longer than required again on Monday evening, when he remarked on Salman Khan's new tune. SRK's jest came during an intelligent Twitter meeting with fans titled "#asksrk", when a client solicited him what he thought from the new tune that Salman has discharged on the coronavirus flare-up, titled Pyaar Karona. "Bhai kamaal ka Single aur Singer hai..." was Shah Rukh's answer. Bollywood star Salman Khan has been utilizing his internet based life handles to bring issues to light about the coronavirus pandemic for some time now. 'Bhaijaan' as he is famously known has likewise gotten the ball rolling and promised money related help to day by day wage laborers from the film business in the midst of the continuous lockdown in India. In his most recent exertion to contribute towards the fight against the pandemic, the Maine Pyar Kiya on-screen character just dropped another track, Pyaar Karona, his first free music discharge on his recently propelled YouTube channel. "As India battles Covid-19, how about we join our powers of adoration and sympathy to come out more grounded during circumstances such as the present. Here's introducing 'Pyaar Karona' a hymn sung by yours genuinely for the battle against the fatal Coronavirus pandemic. The melody has been made utilizing insignificant assets accessible available to me. Tune in to the moving number and spread the message of adoration," he composed on his authority YouTube channel.

There is a huge impact on the IT industry due to covid-19. Small and mid scale companies are struggling hard to come out of the situation as covid-19 intensifies.

The Maharashtra government has loosened up lockdown standards in least-influenced territories from today. To run the economy, business exercises have been permitted in places which have not detailed any coronavirus cases.

'Lockdown not lifted', Maharashtra CM cautions individuals as coronavirus cases arrive at 4,000

The West Bengal government has clarified that the state's touchy zones, which have seen the most noteworthy number of Covid-19 cases, will see stricter standards and asked individuals to tail them. Howrah, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata are three red zones locale in West Bengal. There are a couple of potential red zones too including Nadia. Inside these red zones regions, the state government has distinguished bunches or 'microspots', where more tightly lockdown rules will be followed. For example, Salkia in Howrah has been recognized as a microspot. The whole territory from ward number 1 to 6 in Salkia will have limited access for outcasts; just those conveying fundamental products will be permitted, yet just during a specific hour. Traffic-wise, just those conveying fundamental administrations are permitted. They likewise need to have essential records and substantial consent for venturing out. Like Salkia in Howrah, there are dispersed microspots in North 24 Parganas, North Kolkata and Nadia.

Life in West Bengal's 'high-chance' Covid-19 zones

105 new coronavirus cases were accounted for as of 8:00 AM on Apr 20 in Tamil Nadu, as indicated by information discharged by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This brings the absolute detailed instances of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu to 1,477. Among the complete individuals tainted as on date, 411 have recuperated and 15 have died.

105 new coronavirus cases revealed in Tamil Nadu as of 8:00 AM

The London-based International Council of Jurists has asked the UN Human Rights Council to make China pay "excellent harms" for its "grave offenses against mankind", charging the coronavirus pandemic is principally a trick of Beijing to sling itself as a superpower. "Chinese government's inaction in capturing the spread of the infection has brought about downturn over the world and loss of trillions of dollars and rendered jobless to a huge number of laborers in India and rest of the world," ICJ President Adish C Aggarwala said. It stays a secret with regards to how the infection has not spread in all areas of China and yet, has spread to all nations on the planet, he said. He asked the Geneva-based human rights body's intercession to hold China, its military and the Wuhan-based land answerable for the spread of the infection, which has executed more than 50,000 individuals all inclusive and carried the world to a crushing end.

ICJ looks for UNHRC to force 'exemplary damages' on China for spreading coronavirus

In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic which has unleashed devastation on the planet, asserting 136,032 lives and tainting 2,099,648 individuals universally up until now, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) units are of the most popularity world-over and China is its biggest provider. In the interim, China had given the Indian government 170,000 PPE packs which showed up on April 5. These units were tried at the Defense Research and Development Organization lab in Gwalior. In any case, it was discovered that more than 50,000 PPE packs bombed the quality test and must be dumped. "Two little transfers with 30,000 and 10,000 PPE units, as well, bombed tests," an individual mindful of the issue told ET.

Over 50,000 Chinese PPE kits fail quality test, dumped later

More than 350 districts of the country are affected by the deadly COVID-19 infection.

Significant measures taken by Kerala government to control the covid19 cases and are yielding good results.

Corona virus first attacks the immune system to make it weak and then destroys the living cells.

What Happens in Your Body If You Caught the Coronavirus?

How would your body react to the coronavirus?

Posted by What.If on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How a 11 year old Abhigyan predicted about the upcoming disaster to the world.

Due to corona situation Government announces PF withdrawal.

Government takes a good Initiative creating a Corona Tracking app available in multi language "Aarogya Setu". Aarogya Setu empowers people with better information on the potential risk of infection, self-assessment tools and contextual advice. It is available in 11 languages, including English and Hindi. "The app has highly scalable architecture and is ready for pan-India roll out from Day 1," the government announced. The app also directs users to public health advisories, hygiene tips, dos and don'ts, mythbusters, and other useful information. It is available in the Android Play Store.

Corona virus is spreading very fastly entire the world , here are few updates.

Innovations that are happening across the world over the Coronavirus crisis.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Kandivali & Igatpuri teams spent 48 hours to develop the prototype of ventilator and also trying to automate the manual inflating bag.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Kandivali & Igatpuri teams spent 48 hours to develop the prototype of ventilator and also trying to automate the manual inflating bag.

Bhosale a day before delivering her baby girl, she submitted her kits to the state-run National Institute of Virology (NIV) for evaluation. Bhosale leading the Mylab's team of 25 scientists started working on the solution six weeks ago was able to Innovate a kit with shortening test time to 2.5 hours with the Patho Detect as against the prevalent 6-8 hours. Team has created a solution that does both the screening and confirmation jobs simultaneously with less cost. Till now India has been using kits prepared by NIV which cost up to Rs 4,500 per sample for both screening and confirmation.

Ensure no movement of people across cities or on highways, Centre tells states

Corona update

India cricketer Joginder Sharma, who will be forever remembered for his final over in the 2007 T20 World Cup that helped India lift the trophy, is currently on the streets carrying out his duty as a police-officer amid the lockdown enforced by the government to fight the Covid-19.

Joginder Sharma Real hero in Cricket and also as a Cop

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with over 200 people on a daily basis to get a first-hand feedback. The prime minister's interactions include phone calls to governors, chief ministers and state health ministers. Modi also reaches out to doctors, nurses, health workers and sanitation staff in various parts of the country over the phone "to encourage them and pay gratitude to their yeomen service to the nation and society"

The Punjab government has issued an advisory to industries and commercial establishments in the state, asking them not to terminate employees or deduct their wages, as non-essential factories remain shut due to a countrywide lockdown to combat coronavirus. Any employee who takes leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic should be treated on duty as also the workers of factories or units made non-operational by any government order over coronavirus, the advisory said. Principal Secretary (Labour) V K Janjua said the department felt that termination of workforce or deduction in their salaries would hamper the morale of workers in this fight to contain the virus. “We have issued an advisory,” he told PTI on Sunday. Notably, on Saturday, reports emerged from neighbouring Haryana about migrant workers setting out on foot to go back to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. All modes of transport have been suspended due to the countrywide lockdown announced on March 24. In the advisory, the labour department has asked all employers, owners of factories, shops and commercial establishments not to terminate the services or deduct the wages of their workers, particularly casual or contractual ones. “If any employee/worker of such unit takes leave due to this pandemic (coronavirus), he may be treated as on duty without any deduction in wages for this period. If the place of employment has been made non-operational due to Covid-19 by any order/advisory of the government, the employee of such unit should be deemed to be on duty,” said an advisory. The advisory noted that the consistent efforts of the government urging people to stay at home in the wake of coronavirus outbreak would “constraint workers to report for work”. “There may be some cases that on this pretext, the employees may dispense with the services of the workers or force the workers/ employees to go on leave without wages/salaries,” the advisory said. “The termination of employees from job or reduction in wages in the current scenario would further deepen the crisis and will not only weaken the financial condition of the employees/workers but also hamper their morale to combat this epidemic,” said advisory. Meanwhile, the state industry representatives expressed apprehension that workers in Punjab might also start leaving the state as has been reported from Haryana or other parts of the country. “Workers want to quit Punjab because they are now worried about their closed ones back home at their native places because of coronavirus. In case, workers start leaving the state, it is going to be a big crisis for the industry,” said Ludhiana based United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association president D S Chawla, adding that Ludhiana alone has 10 lakh labourers. Chawla said the industry wants the state government to take appropriate steps to retain the labour force in the state. Meanwhile, on Saturday, wages of around 30,000 labourers in Jalandhar district were released after a senior police officer met industrialists and requested them to do so. PTI CHS VSD TIR TIR

Covid-19: Why India will have to work extra to soften lockdown blow. Workers in India may be among the hardest hit by the lockdown as only 2 in every 10 Indians are guaranteed basic minimum salaries and wages — for the remaining workers, a lockdown could be really punishing. Among other large economies only Brazil, South Korea and Italy have less than 80% of their workers working without any fixed remuneration. In Russia and the US, salaried workers constitute over 90% of their workforces.

Corona effect on India salaried people

The Union Finance Ministry has asked banks to explain why several branches are closed. “In view of the novel coronavirus lockdown, the government is monitoring the functioning of bank branches across the country. Accordingly, the daily data on the number of bank branches (of all scheduled commercial banks in the country), which are open and functioning is being collected by Indian Banks Association (IBA), and monitored by Department of Financial Services,” the Ministry said in the communication to banks.

India coronavirus lockdown | Finance Ministry pulls up banks on shut branches

Indian authorities in the northern state of Punjab have quarantined around 40,000 residents from 20 villages following a Covid-19 outbreak linked to just one man. The 70-year-old died of coronavirus - a fact found out only after his death. The man, a preacher, had ignored advice to self quarantine after returning from a trip to Italy and Germany, officials told BBC Punjabi's Arvind Chhabra. India has 640 confirmed cases of the virus, of which 30 are in Punjab. However, experts worry that the real number of positive cases could be far higher. India has one of the lowest testing rates in the world, although efforts are under way to ramp up capacity. There are fears that an outbreak in the country of 1.3 billion people could result in a catastrophe. The man, identified as Baldev Singh, had visited a large gathering to celebrate the Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla shortly before he died. The six-day festival attracts around 10,000 people every day.

Coronavirus: India 'super spreader' quarantines 40,000 people

India's strict lockdown of 1.3 billion people disrupts lives with migrant workers facing hunger and forced to walk home. As countries globally began enforcing strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, India, the world's second most populous country, followed suit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a 21-day lockdown to contain the virus spread that has now killed 17 Indians and infected more than 700 others.

Scientists in India have managed to observe the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2), popularly known as the novel coronavirus, under a high-powered microscope. The microscopy image was taken from the throat swab sample of the first laboratory-confirmed novel coronavirus patient in India. The laboratory-confirmed novel coronavirus case was reported on January 30 in Kerala. The findings of the microscopy analysis of the throat swab have been published in the latest edition of the Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR). The novel coronavirus, which originated in China late last year, has caused a pandemic across the world. So far the novel coronavirus, which results in the Covid-19 disease, has killed over 25,000 people and infected over 5,66,000 globally. In India, the novel coronavirus has killed 17 people with 640 active Covid-19 cases reported so far. TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY IMAGING OF SARS-COV-2 A group of scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have written a correspondence in the latest edition of IJMR in which they shed light on their observation of the novel human coronavirus under a specialised microscope. Till date, detailed morphology (the study of the forms of things) and ultrastructure (fine structure, especially within a cell, that can be seen only with the high magnification obtainable with an electron microscope) of this virus remains incompletely understood.

Indian scientists image novel coronavirus using a microscope