New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said whether there will be a spike in coronavirus cases in the state after certain pieces of the economy revive relies upon "what we do." "Mention to me what you will do, and I'll mention to you what will occur. In what capacity would that be able to be? Since you're in charge of what occurs. How you act will figure out what befalls you," he said a news instructions on Saturday. As monetary movement increments and individuals begin to leave their homes, Cuomo hopes to see an expansion in numbers, however "we would prefer not to see a spike." "Will there be a spike? It relies upon how individuals respond and it relies upon their own conduct," the representative said. Individuals need to stay careful and keep on doing things like wearing veils, use hand sanitizer and maintaining a strategic distance from huge social occasions, Cuomo included.

Avoiding a spike in coronavirus cases will depend on how people act, New York governor says